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Restraint Technology provides seat belts and associated safety restraint products to
Australia and New Zealand markets.


Working closely with renowned international company’s like the USA based Key Safety Systems, our product range and access to technical expertise is second to none.

Restraint Technology, (seat belt replacement and repairs) was created by the need of a reliable supplier of +replacement +seat +belts, in Australia and NZ.

Our national network of resellers services all major cities and regional areas with specific focus provided to seat belt repair and seat belt replacement in Melbourne, Seat belt repair and seat belt replacement in Brisbane, seat belt repairs and seat belt replacement in Queensland and the Gold Coast.

For over 10 years Restraint Technology has been at the forefront of the seat belt replacement market in Australia and NZ. We operate through a variety of channels including speciality mass distributors like Burson Auto Parts along with a select number of speciality resellers, who focus on servicing the market for seat belt replacement kits, and who often support mechanical repair businesses who provided their customers with replacement seat belts and offer seat belt installation services as well.

As our business and the market evolved it became clear that along with replacement seat belts our customers also required repairs to seat belts.The compelling reason to offer a seat belt repair service was that the modern motor vehicle since approx. 2000 has been fitted out with air bags and pre tensioning seat belts.

Pre tensioning seat belts which are manufactured with an explosive device that fires immediately after a significant accident has been detected by the vehicle’s engine and safety management system.

The firing device is designed to explode and pull the seat belt tight around the occupant ensuring that they are seated correctly and that the seat belt has no slack in it at the time of impact and in turn at the time that the airbags inflate. Thus maximising the effectiveness of the air bag safety system.

The challenge with providing a seat belt replacement for a pre tensioning retractable seat belt is that almost all pre tensioner are unique to each and every make and model of car that they are fitted to. So there is little opportunity to develop replacement seat belt kit for an airbag equipped car.

Vehicles whose seat belts display signs of wear such as fraying, nicks, cuts, tears, dog chewed, fading, damage from door jams and any other kind of wear lend themselves to our seat belt repair service.

Through our channel to market we are able to provide seat belt repairs to any retractable seat belt in any area of Australia.

The seat belt repair service involves initially checking the seat belt for function ensuring that the retractable seat belt still retracts as designed and locks on all required angles of operation.

A visual check to determine if the seat belt has been stressed in an accident is also performed and if accident stress is detected we will immediately cease repair and return the seat belt to the owner as no seat belt can be reused after an accident. Seat belts are only designed to be used once under accident loads.

Only after the seat belt passes all physical and visual checks to we then replace the webbing. Restraint Technology uses Australian manufactured seat belt webbing that complies with Australian Standard AS1753.

The strength of the sew is regularly tested to ensure compliance and we attach a product identification label on the repaired seat belt to show the date and standard to which our work and materials comply with.

Restraint Technology offers same day service and can with prior notice repair a seat belt while you wait.

Restraint Technology supplies the following markets,

  • Automotive replacement seat belts
  • Mining and earthmoving seat belts
  • Child Harness range
  • Military harnesses and seat belts
  • Bus seat belts
  • Truck Seat belts
  • Industrial forklift, ride on mower, tractor, bob cat, back hoe seat belts etc.
  • Disabled and wheel chair seat belts and tie downs
  • Seat belt repairs and custom requirements

All products comply with Australian Standards and or recognised international quality standards.


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