Please note: We have over 500 different part numbers which combine various length buckles and retractor types and angles. To see our basic range of part numbers and their make up please refer to the General Purpose Seat Belt Matrix file attached at the bottom of this window.

Our company constantly researches the “Car Park” to determine which safety belt fits which car.

We have our technical assistance phone line manned during business hours Melbourne time; if you require assistance to determine which seat belt fits your car please call our help desk on 1300 658 750; with the following information.

Vehicle make, model, year of manufacture and seat belt position.

Alternatively we can determine the appropriate seat belt by answering the following questions;

Is the seat belt a retractable or non retractable seat belt?

Where the pillar loop is in relation to the retractor, preferably by angle ie 90 degrees is directly above the retractor, 80 degrees has the pillar loop leaning towards the front of the car and 100 degrees has the pillar loop leaning to the rear of the vehicle. Use the below General Purpose Seat Belt Matrix to view retractor angle options.

Type and length of buckle, length is measured from the centre of mounting hole to the end of the plastic press button.

Answering the above will lead to a correct part number, our staff will happily help you so please call.


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