Seat belt repairs and custom requirements

If you vehicle’s seat belts have failed a roadworthy check or are no longer safe due to the following reasons,

  • Faded webbing
  • Frayed webbing
  • Nicks or cuts
  • Dog chewed
  • Stuck in door and crushed or hardware broken
  • Anchors rusted
  • Hardware damaged.
  • Buckle damage
  • Retractor no longer rewinds

Restraint Technology can RECONDITION your old seat belt to a ROADWORTHY condition.

This is ideal in situations where you are unable to buy the spare part from neither the car’s dealer network nor the spare parts market (aftermarket).

What we do,

  • We thoroughly check the old belt for acceptable wear, remove the old webbing and replace it with Australian Standards AS1753 compliant webbing. Any hardware which shows sign of damage is also replaced. (Please keep in mind that if the seat belt has been in an accident it cannot be repaired. Seat belts are designed to be used ONLY ONCE in an accident.
  • We match the webbing to the same or closest colour.
  • Our sewing strength is independently tested and complies with AS2596.
  • This service is thorough and professional and we can offer same day turnaround on request subject to suitable notice.

If you are customizing your vehicle we can make your seat belt longer or shorter and we can also add a dash of colour with our range of colored webbing.


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