The most common request receive is for a “standard” seat belt. Whilst no such standard exists a selection can be confidently made if we answer the following questions.

Is the seat belt, retractable or non retractable?

Does it mount on the left hand side (passenger) or right hand side (drivers) of the vehicle?

Where is the pillar loop is in relation to the retractor? If it is directly above the retractor it is what is called a 90 degree angle. By comparison an 80 degree angle has the pillar loop leaning towards the front of the car and 100 degrees has the pillar loop leaning to the rear of the vehicle. Use the General Purpose Seat Belt Matrix found under our INFO tab to view retractor angle options.

Then determine the type and length of the buckle. Length is measured from the centre of the mounting hole to the end of the plastic press button in mm.

Now we should have all the information required to ensure the correct seat belt. The General Purpose Seat Belt Matrix will provide the corresponding part number which can be ordered by contacting our sales staff.


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