All Restraint Technology Australia parts conform to the relevant quality standards, for instance,

Industrial belts = ISO6683

Aftermarket replacement seat belts = AS2596

New vehicle car and or bus applications = ADR04/5

Child Harness = AS1754

Explaining Retractable seat belt angles

Retractable seat belts are manufactured to work at specific preset angles. Should the retractor move away from this angle, as it would if the vehicle was in an accident experiencing severe braking or in a rollover the seat belt will lock and not pay out. This helps to hold the occupant in a safe position as designed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Therefore it is critical when replacing a seat belt that the same angled retractor is installed otherwise the seat belt will either lock the webbing will not come out or the webbing will intermittently lock when on a cambered road or hill.

(To unlock a jammed retractor please refer to our “how to unlock a jammed retractor instruction guide” below.)


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